viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Is hate a profitable feeling? (aka “Hate Industry”)

Sadly, yes. Usually a third party (whether a lawyer, economist, policy maker, diplomat, etc) gets a benefit from endless battles between antagonistic parties.
Few examples:
1.- The attorney who pays his/her brand new car out of a cruel and lengthy family trial.
2.- The union leader who goes on a fancy cruise during the holidays , while his/her union colleagues innocently believe that someone is acting on their behalf before the “powerful” employers.
3.- The diplomats who simply ignore genocide or other atrocities in order to get a preferential price on oil, gas, diamonds, gold, you-name-it.

… And I’m currently making all my best (that includes expending all my savings) to get away from the “hate industry”. Wish me luck!!! Corporate Citizens… HERE I GO!!

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